Unitarian Congregations Delivering Online Services

As the Coronavirus problems grow many of our beloved chapels are unfortunately having to suspend face to face meetings and services.


In response to this some chapels have or are going to start online services that you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

Below is a list of the chapels and links to the online services we have found. (If you know of any or are a chapel who would like adding to the list please send us the chapel name and link via email to yorkshireunitarianunion@gmail.com)

Doncaster (Sunday 29th March 11am)

Click Here To Attend Doncaster’s Online Service





Newcastle Upon Tyne



Manchester Cross Street






Mill Hill Chapel, Leeds (29th March 10:30am)

Click Here To Attend Mill Hill Chapel’s Service


1st April 12:30pm

Click Here To Attend Mill Hill Chapel’s Wednesday Service


St Mark’s Unitarian Church Edinburgh



Heart and Soul Online with Mark Hutchinson (29th March 5:45pm


Places are limited so email reverendhutch@gmail.com to sign up