About Us

This union of congregations and fellowships exists to ‘spread the principles and faith of Liberal Religion in Yorkshire’. It brings together Unitarian congregations and fellowships in Yorkshire to support each other through meetings, discussions and social gatherings.


We see different opinions and lifestyles as valuable and enriching, and don’t discriminate on grounds of gender age, race, religion or sexual orientation. Although Unitarianism has its roots in Jewish and Christian traditions it is open to insights from all faiths, science, the arts, the natural world and everyday living.

Unitarians characteristically:

~ base beliefs on rational enquiry rather than external authority;
~ accept beliefs can change in the light of new understanding and insight;
~ form principles from conscience, thinking and life experiences;
~ hold reverence for the earth and the whole natural system of which we are part.

We welcome anyone with an open mind who shares our tolerant and inclusive views, who embraces the freedom of being in a faith community that doesn’t impose creeds or specific beliefs, and who bases their approach not on dogma but on reason.

Please note that Unitarians in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire have their own district organisation. 





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