Welcome to the Unitarians in Yorkshire website, hosted by the Yorkshire Unitarian Union.

For over two hundred years the YUU has has been bringing together and serving our Unitarian congregations across the county.

We believe in “an inclusive approach to a shared spiritual journey: Unitarians emphasise freedom of conscience and affirm the validity of many religious traditions as well as science and secular culture.”

Reverend Jo James, Minister, Mill Hill Unitarian Chapel, Leeds)

Whether you are exploring the Unitarian community for the first time or are already a church member, we hope that these pages will give you a flavour of our movement in Yorkshire. You will be able to get some idea what Unitarianism is all about and how it is being expressed today, plus information about our congregations and local events.

Here is a video looking at “What is a Unitarian?


You might also want to explore the Unitarians in Britain website, for more of the national picture: Unitarians in Britain or visit our Useful Links page.

We hope that this website will also be useful in giving at least a flavour of our local movement to those who are unable to join with a local Unitarian community, because they live too far away or, perhaps, for other reasons.

Please note that Unitarians in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire have their own district organisation.